How Can Creative Ideas Be Implemented?

Creative idea generation does not necessarily lead to the implementation of these ideas. Although the conditional relationship between creative idea generation and implementation has frequently been recognized, there have been few studies of the moderating factors that facilitate converting creative ideas into tangible innovations. To fill this research gap, we explore whether leader performance-prove goal orientation facilitates the implementation of creative ideas at the team level. Furthermore, we investigate the mediating role of leader comprehensive boundary-spanning strategy in the moderating effect of leader performance-prove goal orientation. From an analysis of data from 83 new product development (NPD) teams, we find the following: (1) Leader performance-prove goal orientation positively moderates the relationship between idea generation and implementation. (2) Leader ambassadorial activities and task coordination both positively moderate the relationship between idea generation and implementation. (3) The moderating role of leader performance-prove goal orientation is mediated by leader ambassadorial activities. Our findings have theoretical and practical implications for innovation management in NPD teams…… Read The Full Article

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